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favourite recipe provided by a friend who continues to inspire - recipe: marinated brie

I have been trying (hard!) to wait until “National Friendship Day” (which takes place on the first Sunday of August) to write an article about Tina Roberts.

Let me tell you about Tina. She’s an inspiring friend as well as a loyal client. She encourages me to be creative, to stay focused, to be a strong leader and to stay on top of the trends. In a nutshell, she inspires me to be the best business owner that I can be. By now, you might be wondering why I am writing about her in my column. What does Tina have to do with food, you might ask? Allow me to explain, Tina is a fabulous (with a capital ‘F’) cook AND baker. She has won numerous contests for her recipes, and like me, enjoys sharing her genuine love and passion for food.

Tina has generously shared many of her award-winning recipes with me, including the below delectable marinated brie recipe. December is always a very busy month – for everyone, really, and especially those of us who work in the food industry. Tina stopped by the shop one December afternoon with a wheel of her famous marinated brie. We popped it into the oven and about 20 minutes later, found ourselves swooning over this delectable appetizer.

Probably my favourite of the many fabulous recipes that Tina has shared with me, her blueberry drizzle salad, (another award winner) can be found on my website – I featured this recipe in my August 2008 newsletter and honestly, people are still talking about it. Last summer, I prepared it about three times in one week!

Choosing which of her recipes to feature this week was tough – there are so many I love, including her flaming shrimp (even my hubby David likes it and he isn’t fond of shrimp – he calls them “sea bug filter feeders”), her roasted ratatouille salad, and her summertime pasta salad (again, featuring brie – how could you go wrong?).

Thanks for your inspiration and support Tina, I’m so lucky to call you my friend.

Tina’s award winning marinated barbecued brie
This was a “Cottage Life” recipe contest winner in 1996.
It’s hard to believe that Tina entered this contest without first trying the recipe!


• 2 (two) tablespoons lemon juice
• 1 (one) clove garlic, minced
• 1 (one) teaspoon Dijon mustard
• ¼ (one-quarter) teaspoon pepper
• 1 (one) tablespoon minced fresh parsley
(I like flat-leaf Italian best)
• 2 (two) tablespoons olive oil
• ½ (half) red bell pepper, finely minced (brunoise cut)
• 8 oz. (eight ounce) wheel of brie (can substitute camembert)


  • preheat oven (or bbq!) to 350 F
  • combine all ingredients except the cheese
  • scrape the rind off the top of the cheese and poke full of holes – a chopstick works best
  • pour marinade over cheese and if you have time, marinate overnight (marinate for at least 4 hours for the best results)
  • bake cheese for about 15 minutes – serve with French bread and assorted crackers and biscuits
  • As Tina would say, “guten appétit!”

Lastly, speaking of friends – I want to thank all of you who supported our Bake Sale to Benefit KidsAbility on Friday, April 3rd. I’m so thrilled to announce that we raised $1,709.49 to help children right here in our community! I was delighted, but not surprised, by your generosity and support. I also want to thank Carol, Rose and Mark for their hard work during the sale as well as the baked goodies they provided – the sale could not of happened without you! Thank you also to Avery & Meredith McCorkell for your wonderful hand-made “BAKE SALE” signs! The time and effort you put in (on a PA Day no less) really showed. Lastly, a thank you to Mike Delion, of Delion’s Menswear, for donating the Lacoste shirt as a raffle item for the sale.

Dana Shortt built a business around her love of food. She is the owner-operator of a specialty food store and catering business called “Dana Shortt Gourmet” on Erb Street in Uptown Waterloo. Visit her website at

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